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Google AdWords Promo Codes

Google AdWords Promo Codes

[Update] Only 20 codes left! Please read the detail below before you ask for it.

There is no free lunch!

Well. Google is getting greedier. Not really. They are very generous.

Google used to offer $100 free AdWords advertisement credit without any credit card. Now the new promotion code requires to spend $25 to get $100. It’s still not a bad deal to try out the new promotion codes.

Here is how to get qualified for the new promotion offers.

  • AdWords introductory offers can only be used on new accounts opened in the last 14 days with a new billing address located in the United States or Canada.
  • An AdWords account can use only one offer.
  • AdWords introductory offers are not transferable, can not be sold or bartered. Distributing offer codes on the Internet on media sharing sites or forums is strictly prohibited. We wish you success in your business!

The code will expire on 9/30/2012. Not many days left to claim it.

Anyone wants it?

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